West Suhail village a lifetime journey

Added on Sep 05, 2018

West Suhail, a Nubian village on the west bank of the Nile, only a few kilometres from  Aswan Dam and about 900 kilometres west of Cairo . The village, which has been offering visi­tors a unique and exceptional hos­pitality for years, has never failed to captivate both heart and mind. 

It offers a real Nubian life experience filling the hearts of everyone present with lots of excitement. 

The village, typically Nubian and containing more than small blue-and-white 50 homes

with their nicely cut yellow, wood­en windows and green-and-brown doors fill the skyline. Above them beams of red and orange light ra­diate from the moon. the village gives its visitors the feeling of being  at home away from the artificial nature of hotel life. 

Inside the one-storey homes of the village, tourists spend totally Nubian times. In just few days in the village, they sleep in the homes of the Nubian residents, eat their food and drink local drinks. 

Most village homes are divided into two parts,  one for the manufacture of Nubian prod­ucts, such as handmade hats and dresses and the Nubian drink hi­biscus as well as the locally made ground­nuts. 

The other part of the homes is specified for the hospitality of the tourists. Outside the homes, women and children make products to sell to the hundreds of visiting tourists. West Suhail is an intrinsic part of the itinerary of many tourists vis­iting southern Egypt. Residents want tourists to lead the Nubian life, which gave rise to the village in its original place of a century ago. A lifetime journey that cannot be missed or trespasses.