Ras Al Bar the dazzling breathtaking beach

Added on Sep 12, 2018

Ras El Bar, a resort city in the Governorate of Damietta, in northeast Egypt.  Located at Mediterranean Sea, at the mouth of the Damietta river, a distributary of the Nile. 

Pharos called it the Mediterranean Sea or the great green sea, afterwards the Romans called it "The Romans Sea" on 30 AD, and the spot where sea could meet a river was called (Be Tamosh) and it meant the place between two waves or two seas.

Ras El Bar  a sandy beach like the rest of the delta takes us back to ancient prehistoric ages. Stories tell that Ras El Bar was named by some sailors who felt that this place stands as the shelter where they are secure from the sea’s dangers. 

Ras El Bar is not only an ordinary resort, it is one of the historic spots that witnessed so much great battles, but it finally became a resort in the 19th century. 

The uniqueness of Ras El Bar as one of the world's rare points where a river meets the sea has offered it a great advantage which is having shores that overlook both the Nile and sea. It's even said that Ras El Bar existence is a result of that unique meeting as both the sea and the Nile left sand and alluvium.

There is more to that little island in Damietta. It can seem ordinary at the beginning, but it has so much to offer, with its guaranteed visual miracle with a perfect climate. 

Many dolphins visit Ras El Bar shores. Many kinds of wild birds actually live in the Manzala lake. Also in the fall season many of the immigrating flocks of European birds pass by Ras El Bar in her course to South Africa. Ras El Bar is also reputable for its healing power, and seen as one of the healthiest resorts. 

Ras El Bar, is an eye dazzling area with its scenic view and a miraculous experience you will never find in any other place worldwide. Today Ras El Bar  is an attraction site to tourists specially after renovations made giving it a  breathtaking view.