Al Nayzak, Turquoise for tranquility

This well kept secret, well-hidden paradise on earth, is in fact a very well known destination for experienced travelonauts from all over the world, for its pool, several meters in diameter, shaped like an eye, filled with the turquoise blue waters of the Red Sea.

Al Nayzak, which got its name by the area inhabitants who believe it has been shaped by a meteorite, hitting the coast, is located 8 kms south Marsa Alam, 20 minutes from Port Ghalib.

Even though geologists have already eradicated the possibility of the lake forming by a meteorite hit, its name and splendor still attract people from the four corners of the world. They enjoy swimming and diving, especially in the winter, where the water is warm for a natural pool in case of tides as its waters originates from the sea currents, which makes it a wonderfully safe dive spot.

The approach to the Nayzak beach is an unremarkable off-road; there is no noticeable attraction there except for the turquoise sea.

As almost any spot along the Red Sea coastline, stargazing is another marvel for the area visitors. The all clear night skies, the smooth breeze and a campfire is all you need to spend some quality tranquil time.

During the annual Lyrid meteor shower, most shooting stars appear as quick streaks, an effect created by the earth passing through debris from the long period comet Thatcher, which was on its 415-year orbit around the sun.

Samadai Reef is only about 5 minutes away from Al Nayzak and definitely worth a visit, as you can find a rich traditional lunch and drinks.

Get yourself immersed in the beautiful underwater world or the heaven on land; you will always be charmed by this place.