Time cruise in Cairo, where yesterday meets tomorrow

Going to Cairo is just as going on a time cruise, where the lavish past meets the sophisticated tomorrow.

In just 48 hours, you can have a feel of time travel, starting the day with a traditional Foul and Falafel breakfast, at one of the many scattered carts, joined by many of humble Egyptians heading to their work.

Crossing the Qasr El-Nil Bridge to the western Nile bank right across from the most famous Tahrir Square, it’s a 5 minute walk to the Cairo tower. The scenery of the panoramic view of the city can take you to as close as the pyramids, the citadel, old Fatimid and Memluk Cairo, as you look through one of the many telescopes on its top balcony.

The pink colored building of the Egyptian museum will take you to a journey into few millennia ago, where Egypt emerged as the beacon of the ancient world. Make sure not to miss the treasures of the young golden King Tut, or the gigantic monuments of his ancestors, King Amnemhat and his beloved Queen Tee.

A walk through downtown streets, as you re-live the Mahfouz epic trilogy, or feel the Cairo spirit, as it existed in these streets for several centuries. Cairo’s Nile by night is a romantic thrill, to the heart and sight.

Cairo’s older twin Alfustat, the capital of the Caliphs, is the same ground zero for older and newer capitals of the state. As you walk down Mar-Guirguis Street, be a part of the holy trail of Jesus and Virgin Mary, in the world’s oldest churches as San Sergios, where they hid in there safe harbor in Egypt’s Babylon, or get the peaceful feeling of the eldest mosque in Africa built by Amr Ibn Al As.

Inside the walls the shade of the city’s stronghold, Saladin Citadel, your eyes will meet the glorious decorations of the great Mohamed Ali Mosque, where both the eye and the soul are being soothed.

On the other side of the city, Al Azhar is the name where you can find the oldest university and the entrance to the old Fatimid city, with its remaining giant walls; Al Fotouh and Al Nasr across El Moezz Street.

The walk through Khan El Khalili, and a Fiteer meal at the famous oriental bakery and pizza maker, will be a great preparation for a one last walk to buy many gifts for your loved ones, before you can get some resting time to enjoy some coffee, green tea with mint at the renowned Fishawy Café.

Nowhere else in the world can you experience this time travel except in this young at heart ancient city, Cairo.