Siwa, where joy is connected to wellness

Added on Jan 15, 2018

Global interest in ecotourism, which was defined as: responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people has grown rapidly in recent years.
In this realm, a new concept for accommodation appeared since the 1990’s, and that is living in an eco lodge, a place where living well as a tourist, is completely connected to the responsibility towards our environment and natural surroundings.
It is a type of lodge that was distinguished from others by the way it was either constructed or operated, or both. The makeup of an eco lodge can differ greatly, and being green or environmentally safe doesn’t mean being rustic or simplistic. Eco lodges can vary from tented camps and huts, to luxurious spa retreats.
If you’re staying at an eco lodge, you can typically expect it to have some characteristics; as it tends to be more remote, located in relatively pristine natural environments, eco lodges emphasize elements such as renewable energy sources, recycling services, eco-friendly toiletries, energy efficient lighting, locally sourced food, organic linens and towels, non-toxic cleaning supplies, non-disposable dishes, water conservation methods and various other sustainability-focused initiatives.
Egypt has been welcoming eco-tourists for literally centuries, Egypt now has a growing number of eco tourism practitioners and eco lodges. Although the majority of them are located in Sinai, they can also be easily found around the Siwa Oasis region and along the Red Sea Coast of Marsa Alam.
Eco lodges in Egypt tend to be reasonably priced option for nature lovers; and are certainly true in their commitment to nature than other travel accommodation options. In Siwa Oasis, two eco lodges can be found around Shali village.
Staying in one of these eco lodges will be quite an experience to live, as your first commitment will be, to give up your mobile phone.