Ramadan tents.. the distinctive way Egyptians celebrate the holy month

Added on May 28, 2018

Egyptians and Muslims all around the world started this week fasting and celebrating the blessed month of Ramadan, the ninth month of the hijri year. (Islamic lunar calendar)

Egyptians are characterized with their celebratory nature welcoming the month, starting few days ahead of the month by shopping for extra food preparing for the event, with notable increased social activities as the month starts.

Normally families gather on iftar meal after hearing the iftar canon old cheerful sounds, having their meal while watching their popular television series and programs specially and exclusively broadcasted during the month.

What matters the most in Egypt is the collective spirit that everybody finds and enjoys, especially in Ramadan. There’s no better chance to gather with friends or even distant relatives on iftar “breakfast” meal or sohour “pre-dawn” meal, enjoying the spirit of the month.

About one hour after the iftar meal, the metropolitan city becomes busy and crowded with people starting their night activities. It’s a carnival down the streets, malls, hotels and bazaars  especially the traditional Ramadan tents.

Ramadan tents are venues erected during the Ramadan, tents that provide a place for people to meet while eating Ramadan special oriental food platters and sweets (Turkish delights, Qatayef, baklava and konafa), and people associate this with drinking their favorite “Qamar aldeen” dried apricot juice and smoking shisha (hookah).

Ramadan tents decorations mostly come in the folklore colors red, white and blue. With the distinguished mix between the Egyptian and Islamic design. You can find as well Ramadan large brass lanterns “fanous” working as lighting units, hanging in the ceilings as one distinguished theme for this beautiful atmosphere.

You will find that Ramadan tents are always accompanied with cultural events, and shows including oriental music and Ramadan themed songs are performed by singers or bands using “AL oud” and “Al qanoon” music instruments.

More tents and cultural events are present in the old area of Fatimid Cairo, especially Al Muiiz Street and around Al Hussein mosque, where people are gathering in a same like wonderful carnival.

It’s a full month celebration, so don’t miss it and head a Ramadan tent.