One Can Be Enough For Joy

Added on Feb 19, 2018

Usually, travelling around is a joy when in good company, but what about lone wolves? Would they lose this joy?
In Egypt, there is no such thing as lonely, even if you are travelling alone; there are dozens of places to go, hundreds of activities to do, and loads of fun and joy just in the waiting for your presence.
Gabal Dakrour (Dakrour Mountain), located in south eastern Siwa, that’s a place that’s worth driving all the way for 12 hours from Cairo. It’s famous for its hot sand healing characteristics.
Snorkeling, diving and wreck diving spots along the coast of the Red sea, Ras Muhammed, Sharm El-Sheikh and Dahab are a few destinations for underwater lovers.
Egypt is most famous for its national parks and diving spots, Ras Mohamed is among the most known diving sites in the world. Besides its crystal clear waters, the area witnesses the annual migration of several marine species, in addition to stunning mangroves, and coral reefs with a diversity of vertebrate and invertebrate species.
As for Dahab’s Eel Garden, you don’t have to be an exceptional diver to enjoy Dahab’s eel garden, as there is a lot to spot while snorkeling. This is the place to see tens of long eels popping their heads out of the sand, and vanishing back in again. It is also home to barracudas and the rare sea grass ghost pipefish.
Djara Cave in Dakhla, is just another magical place to go on your own. Located in the midst of the Eastern Sahara Desert towards El-Dakhla Oasis; Djara cave is the natural result of pure water in contact with dry desert climate, which created incredible formations and a caving experience that is rarely found around Egypt.
For virgin nature lovers, Saluga and Ghazal Islands in Aswan are two small granite islands in the River Nile of Aswan, home to 94 species, which make them a Bird Watching paradise on earth.