Novice or veteran, the immersed dazzling show is on for all

A little piece of advice, find Bette Midler’s song “Come Rain or Come Shine”, dive into it, and wonder; where is the place that would give me that feeling? Don’t think too much, book a flight to Egypt. There is no such thing as time, age, body build, wealth or experience that can withhold you from diving.

Egypt offers you all that you need to get submerged in eternal beauty of the underwater, with its wealth of diving sites, no matter what your level is, and no matter what you seek.

A trip down the Red Sea, from Taba in the north of the Aqaba Gulf, through Dahab, Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada and Safaga further south, highlights but a few of the delights for divers.

Abu Nuhas reef, a triangular-shaped coral reef northwest of Shadwan Island in the northern Red Sea off Hurghada, has at least seven shipwrecks, ready for your next Aquatic adventure. While Marsa Alam’s Samadai reef, or the Dolphin House, has the right company for your next Flipper encounter. Whether you wear a dry or a wet suit, in Dahab’s Blue Hole, variety is the name of the game, as your diving holiday can include shallow patch reefs, drift dives and walls, a collection of wrecks, intricate maze of plateaus, lagoons, caves and gardens.

The Rocky Island on the North Coast, will give you a different perspective, as fish life is varied; large groupers and Napoleon Wrasse is common and if you are very lucky you will spot a shark here or there.

Novice or veteran, that’s no problem, as you can easily Take the PADI Drift and Deep Diver courses for diving the fabulous walls. The PADI Digital Underwater Photographer course is also great to make your own adventure spectacle.