Marsa Alam, all your needs and more, much more

No matter how old you are, single, engaged or married, with friends or family members, there are numerous exciting things to do in Marsa Alam.

From historical sites to cultural attractions, explore an extensive list of attractions, new places to see and unique things to do around and nearby Marsa Alam.

If you were a brave heart loner wolf, how about a deep dive at Samadai reef, playing with the dolphins, or a high altitude with some kite surfing at a beach at a Resort close to the town of Marsa Alam.

If you were looking for a romantic vacation for a couple sweethearts, plan a luxurious vacation to Marsa Alam’s more than enough boutique resorts, spas, shopping areas and restaurants that will make you feel like true royalty. Pamper yourself, feel rejuvenated and explore the leisure at the countless 5-Star resorts.

Nightlife, food courts and laid-back times are offered all over the place, just pick your spot, and enjoy.

Family and kids are never left aside in Marsa Alam, travelling with them is the perfect family vacation. Swimming in a pool or snorkeling in shallow Red Sea waters, are but few choices, along with a great list of water activities, as banana boats, jet skis, glass boats or even places to teach young divers about the secrets of the deep.

Outdoor activities in Marsa Alam include the best experiences and adventure activities. One-day safaris, riding and hiking trips at Wadi El Gemal and Gabal Elba National Park, or longer trips, where you can get a glimpse of Egypt’s marvelous historical attractions, in nearby Luxor, Aswan or Qusair.

So, whether you are by yourself, with your spouse, with the lavish gang of friends or with the whole tribe and chiefs, Marsa Alam is where you need to go, where you can all have fun, being old or young.