Catch the best Sunsets in Egypt

Added on Jan 07, 2018

Gazing out at the sun as it drops out of the sky can be one of the most memorable sights of any holiday.
There’s just something about the multi-colored natural light show that makes you feel like it’s a private performance just for you.
Whether it sets over the ocean, a glassy river, rugged mountain skyline or empty desert, the sun at dusk never disappoints.
Pack your camera and whisk yourself away to one of these shimmering golden sunsets.
Sharm El-Sheikh is Egypt’s most famous national park and diving spot, and among the most known diving sites in the world. Beside its crystal clear waters, Ras Muhammad witnesses the annual migration of several marine species.
Sokhna is another haven visited by nature and photography lovers from all over the globe. This is a great place for them to get the appropriate treatment, through the beautiful nature and its impact.
Dahab is a world famous diving spot, a very challenging one known as the most dangerous and deadliest on earth; however it appeals to divers just as to mountaineers. It is well known for its most beautiful dive where exceptional marine life is spotted, it’s just a signature photo spot for only accomplished and experienced nature admirers.
Along the coastal route from Nuweibaa, 15km south of Taba, a flashing blue color will stop you; this is how you know that you made it to the Fjord. An amazing beach and diving spot, offering crystal clear water, dazzling coral reefs and an exceptional marine life. For experienced divers The Fjord is the place, the Fjord Banana is an alternative to the less experienced.
Shali Fortress in Siwa; this 13th century mud brick fortress was made out of an organic material known as “kershef”, which is basically salt rocks brought from the surrounding lakes combined with mud and clay. In 1926 after heavy rain falls, the fortress was heavily affected, leaving some remains that will make you some of the most wonderful sunset background pictures in a life time.
Saluga & Ghazal are two small granite island in the River Nile of Aswan, home to 94 species, which make them a Bird Watching paradise on earth.
Situated 45km north of Farafra, White desert is the name; thanks to the white to cream colored rock formations in the shape of giant mushrooms, or pebbles. It is a marvelous protectorate, where one can enjoy safaris and camping in the midst of the desert.
As for Cairo, the Mokattam hills, Giza Pyramids, and Al Azhar Park are but few places where you get the splendor of the sunset.
If you are a history and archeology lover, Luxor and Aswan are your safe haven, for its sun would always set behind the glorious Luxor, Karnak, or Philae temples, giving the heart an extra beat of beauty.
The landscapes of Egypt offer stunning panoramas to enjoy a wide spectrum of sunsets. Each element of nature provides for a different sunset experience. Depending on where you travel, the Nile River, the sea, the palm trees, the mountains or the dunes become a background and a participant to the sunset spectacle. Water especially provides beautiful reflections and scenic pictures.