Banana Island for those who crave nature and tranquility

The name says it all; it is the land of bananas! Banana Island located to the north of Luxor and is open for tours daily. It’s one of the best spots to watch the sunset on a felucca while having dinner.

A trip out to the Banana Island is simply beautiful and strange. The Journey begins from a quay right in the middle of town, where you get picked up by a felucca. You get to enjoy the peaceful River as you work your way towards the banana island, and most surely, get offered you some delicious bananas
It only takes a few minutes to get there, the Island sports a variety of fruit trees, some caged animals, and a small cafe to enjoy tea or herbal drinks as well as coffee with cardamom. Kids would also love it as much as you do.
You can watch crocodiles and taste a variety of local harvested fruits including sugar cane and bananas of course.
It is a tranquil place with many palms and reeds next to the Nile. The feluccas and the modest houses allow plenty of photo opportunities. You will love this little spot.