Alamein, the memorial city

Added on Jul 19, 2018

This city is one of the most beautiful in the world, it is only 104 km west of Alexandria and 184 km east of the city of Marsa Matrouh, so in a few hours you can visit and enjoy the white sand and glowing water; something no one can resist.

A decisive battle between the Allied forces led by Montgomery and the Axis forces led by Rommel changed the fate of World War II and the battle ended with the victory of the Allies.

You can delve into the details of the battle by watching the Alamein Military Museum, which depicts the battle of Alamein, where you can see a collection of weapons, tanks and ammunition for World War II troops and carry out battle maps.

In Al-Alamein, you can take part in the annual celebrations held in October each year near the graves of the victims of the Second World War, located south of the paved road.

3 km west of El Alamein, you can visit the German cemetery, which was built in 1959 and overlooks the sea directly from a relatively high mountain with a body of 4,480 people. The German War Memorial is a fortress-like structure with a central obelisk, built over a mass grave.

In terms of luxury and architecture, the Italian cemetery, 5 km west of El Alamein, is considered the most beautiful cemetery. The Italian War Memorial is a tower inscribed inside with names of the dead.

It includes a chapel, a mosque, a memorial hall, a small museum and the tombs. In front of you there is a plaque indicating that the desert swallowed more bodies.

In the place where a decisive battle was fought in Alamein, the cemetery of Wadi Halafawi, includes other memories of World War II.