Aisha Fahmy’s mansion breathes life and art

Whenever you visit an art exhibit, you always focus on the beauty on the walls and stands. Yet, in very rare occasions, the building that houses the exhibit can be as astonishing as the artworks on its walls.

Aisha Fahmy’s Palace is one of these buildings where you can find art overwhelmingly surrounding you, in this royal mansion itself, even more than in the artworks it houses.
Cairo's Aisha Fahmy Palace, known as Mogamaa Al-Fonoon (Arts Complex), in Zamalek, was finally re-opened after years of immense renovations that revived the glorious bygone days of this antique house.
Restoration work on the palace started in 2005, and a partial reopening of the complex was scheduled for 2015, but was delayed repeatedly.
The architectural masterpiece, which was built in 1907, was designed by renowned Italian Architect Antonio Lashak to be the residence of Ali Fahmy Pasha, who served as the head of the army during the reign of King Fouad I (1922 - 1936), and was named after his daughter Princess Aisha Fahmy, daughter of King Fuad's highly-ranking official.
The palace’s total area covers over 2,700 square meters and includes 30 rooms, two large halls, a 1,000 square-meters basement and a roof, all richly ornamented. Decorations such as frescos, golden Japanese lettering and red silk decorated walls make the palace unique.
The palace is being managed by the Ministry of Culture's Fine Arts department, as a prestigious complex of arts and culture.
The Visual Arts Department took over management of the palace after restoration was completed to prepare it for hosting visual arts exhibitions and artistic activities.
The hall dedicated to young artists is directly connected to the garden, where a number of other activities – such as music concerts and performances – can take place paralleling the displays, which showcases special national collections of artworks by Egypt’s leading artists.
Exhibitions are advertised on the fence outside, while the entry gate is just off Sharia 26th of July, Zamalek.