Agiba, Marvel on the Med

Added on Jul 12, 2018

Marsa Matrouh was called ‘Amunia’ after the ancient Egyptian god ‘Amun’ as it had a temple dedicated to him; a temple that was often visited by the one and only Alexander the great himself, who has built the city in his era. 

About 24km to the west of Marsa Matruh, is a marvel, Agiba. It is a small, spectacular cove, accessible only via a path leading down from the cliff top. The water there is stunning clear turquoise. It’s packed in summer and near empty the rest of the year.

The famous Marsa Matrouh beach, Agiba, is so visually stunning that Egyptians called it “A Wonder”. Agiba’s shades of blue and the various colors of the seabed made it a turquoise gem literally; leaving you not only with a great summer resort but also with enjoyable scenery that you can just sit and enjoy watching.

This beach is located in front of a giant rock, as if it was a huge embrace, in which people walk in the shadow of this wonderful nature.

Some smaller rocks are scattered on the beach sands in as well as in the shallow waters, few feet from the beach, in an exquisite view, that visitors admire to take pictures of; to show the wonderful nature.

Agiba is one of the most important reasons for the influx of Egyptians and foreigners to Marsa Matrouh. It enjoys stunning views and a mild atmosphere. Its water colors range from dark blue, turquoise, and light blue. The fantastic beach located on the edge of Marsa Matrouh, is surrounded by high mountains and rolling rocks. It is also characterized by white sand and crystal clear water, that you can see the sand and rocks below.

Agiba, a Paradise on the land of Marsa Matruh.